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Jan 25, 2017 at 10:01 AM

How to assign Production versions for SFG and FG.



My client requirement is,they have Finished Goods(FG) and semi finished(SFG) which have multiple production versions . For FG they have 2 production versions-0001 and 0002 respectively and for SFG they have 2 production versions -0003 and 0004 respectively. For SFG - 0003 version the from and to lot size is 240 kg and for 0004 version the from and to lot size is 1200 kg and both the versions have the same validity dates.

Now when they create planning in Planned independent requirement(MD61) , they can assign production version for FG but for SFG the first production version (0003) is exploded . I have tried with the fixed lot for the SFG, this scenario works only if the FG planning exactly meets the lot size then only the BOM is exploded otherwise BOM is not exploded.

I have tried locking 1 production version and planning but the client have many materials it will be a tedious job to change the status of each production version for huge number of materials.

Is their any option where i can assign the Production version to the SFG while planning ?

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