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Oct 09, 2014 at 11:00 AM

error: communication over http/proxy


Hi experts,

I am trying to run a proxy to rwebservice est scenerio in sap pi java only version.

but i am getting the following error :

"communication over http/proxy. unable to create a socket."

the scenerio which i m trying has been runned or tested in different business environment and I am the first one who is testing the proxy scenerio in my buisness environment.

since it's a sing stack i have made a communication channel for the sender side.please find the screenshot (please note that i havent done any settings in this channel other than selecting the adapter type, protocol and engine)

help me in resolving the issue..

Thanks in advance


soap_error.png (156.6 kB)
comm_channel.png (14.8 kB)