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Dec 19, 2005 at 01:53 PM

Error message when I calling planning layout in the STS



I'm trying to use Status and Tracking System with BPS ( SEM 4.0 SP10, BW 3.5 SP14 ).

But I got some error messages when I calling planning layout in the STS screen..

I designed 2 lower unit(A,B) and 1 upper unit(C) for the test. and using Bottom-up work-flow.

I did

1. Create Planning Area in the BPS0 ( also Level, Package, Layout ..)

2. Created Web Interface in the Web Interface Builder using the upper BPS Layout .

3. Customizing STS

- Create Sub Plan & Session

- Asssign Hierarchy to Sub Plan

- Determine attribute for created planning session ( Bottom-up, Auto mail )

- Define Header characteristics for planning session to contains the planning package completely.

- Determine Date, Person Responsible and Layout.

4. Send Start mail

5. Open STS Web Start Screen ( using B Unit responsible user .)

When he click "Open Planning" icon in the screen the following error messages were happened...

I've no idea for that because I didn't use any variables or offset settings.

I guess that comes from header settings for the planning session because when I deleted the header settings for the planning sessions, I could see the planning layout.

but I could not use lock processing in the STS.

Could you tell me what's happening to me?

[ Following error message ]

Correct the data on variables and offset in character string "?

Message Number UPC_FW092

Long Text Diagnosis

Character string "", which contains data on the variables and offset, has an invalid format, and cannot be converted.


Correct the character string, so that it has the correct format. A correct entry on variable and offset has the following form:





VAR2 - 2.

Also check whether the variable, that you want to use is available in the planning area.