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Oct 09, 2014 at 09:34 AM

How to mark bitmap index unusable?



we have problems with bitmap index like in Note 2017734 ORA-14646 and ORA-14400 on BW load run:

INSERT INTO "/BIC/FZIC_C04" VALUES(:A0 ,:A1 ,:A2 ,:A3 ,:A4 ,:A5 ,:A6 ,:A7 ,:A8 ,:A9 ,:A10 ,:A11 ,:A1\

aborts with

B ***LOG BY4=> sql error 14400 performing INS on table /BIC/FZIC_C04 [dbtran 7634]

B ***LOG BY0=> ORA-14400: inserted partition key does not map to any partition [dbtran 7634]

We rebuild the indexes via RSA like stated in the note, no change. So we we opened a message in which is stated:

A)Drop any bitmap indexes defined on the table, and re-create them on

the operation is complete.

B)Mark all index fragments of all bitmap indexes defined on the table

UNUSABLE and rebuild them once the operation is complete.

It's not stated how, only a link to


Compress individual Table Partition with local ... | Oracle Community

Thats ok, but we don't know how to build the statement and SAP is unwilling to tell us.

Any help appreciated