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Problem with webdispatcher while using command -checkconfig

Hi Experts,

I have installed a webdispatcher through bootstrap method and i have configured four servers SID in the order

1. EGS

2. ECE

3. EGP

4. NSP

My point is while using the command "sapwebdisp pf=<profil> -checkconfig",it displays all the above servers Message server,ABAP,

JAVA instances.

1.When ECE is down the other two which is EGP and NSP configurations are not getting displayed. Why is it so .

2.When EGS which is configured as server_0 is down all the other servers configurations is not getting displayed and it ends with an error.

Can you please provide a fix for this above issue .

C:\usr\sap\webdisp\wd>sapwebdisp pf=sapwebdisp.pfl -config

IcmHandleArgs: Illegal option config

IcmProcessAlive: Found process 41788, command sapwebdisp

*** FATAL: SAP Web Dispatcher process 41788 still alive

*** FATAL: I better exit now to prevent any damage

C:\usr\sap\webdisp\wd>sapwebdisp pf=sapwebdisp.pfl -checkconfig

Checking SAP Web Dispatcher Configuration


maximum number of sockets supported on this host: 8192

Server info will be retrieved from host: wi

th protocol: http

Checking connection to message server of system EGS...

[Thr 92888] Thu Oct 09 11:26:01 2014

[Thr 92888] ***LOG Q0I=> NiPConnect2: connect (10061: WSAEC

ONNREFUSED: Connection refused) [D:/depot/bas/740_REL/src/base/ni/nixxi.cpp 3325


[Thr 92888] *** ERROR => NiPConnect2: SiPeekPendConn failed for hdl 1/sock 33276

(SI_ECONN_REFUSE/10061; I4; ST; [nixxi.cpp 3325]

ERROR: Connection to message server failed:


Check ended with 1 errors, 0 warnings

Once this server EGS is up , all the other servers are getting displayed .


Satheesh E

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1 Answer

  • Posted on Oct 09, 2014 at 03:53 PM

    Hi Anand,

    This is a bug of -checkconfig. The systems are checked in the order wdisp/system_0, wdisp/system_1, etc, but when the check of one system fails, the entire checkconfig is aborted instead of continuing with the next system. I would expect to see a patch for this in the future.



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