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Oct 09, 2014 at 07:17 AM

using method for dialogue workitem


Hi all,

I m pretty new to workflow. I have a Workflow template, in which a dialogue workitem exists, When i go to the task, it has been referred to the BO FORM, and the method is ProcessHtmlForm. Now, i have a confusion, we're sending the data from workflow container to task conatiner, but when i go to the task no binding exists, even the binding icon (button) doesn't gets dispalyed(even in change mode). So, how is the data flowing to the Method of the BO Form.

Also when i look into the code written in the method ProcessHtmlForm, i find only 4 lines of code, they are setting some parameter id and then call a transaction.

My question is how is the method coming to know which transaction to call, and what options are displayed to the end user in the WorkItem. Also how can i find the result that the user has choosen? i.e. approve, reject or anything. I even don't know what possible actions has been provided to the user. How can i know that too.

Thank you all, for making me understand this.