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Oct 09, 2014 at 07:04 AM

UI5 and Phonegap Keyboard Issues


Hi All,

If anyone has solved the issue below please let me know! This is driving me nuts! 😊

It seems that if I run Fiori via the browser, when the virtual keyboard appears it blocks the field that I am trying to enter values in but you can scroll the screen up to reveal the field. It's still a problem that needs to be solved as I feel the transition should be seamless but at least there is a workaround. The application should automatically shift the view up so that the keyboard does not cover the view(this is the behaviour of native Android and iOS apps).

However, when using the official SAP Fiori client or even when rolling your own client in Cordova/Phonegap, you cannot scroll the screen up once the virtual keyboard covers the input field. This makes it impossible to enter values in the input field. In my opinion, SAP should fix this immediately as this is a serious issue.

In the screenshots below, you will notice that the quantity field is completely covered by the virtual keyboard.

If anyone has a workaround or has solved this issue, any help would be appreciated.




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