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Oct 09, 2014 at 06:39 AM

Merchandise category & hierarchy upload using LSMW???



I am trying to upload Merchandise category and hierarcy using LSMW (BAPI/IDOC method only).

For merhcandise category

I used message type W_WGRP and it is helping me in changing or reclassification of articles. But I am not able to create new merchandise category with this. I used structure E1BPE1WGR01 with "function" field with value "005, LSMW is working fine idocs are created successfully but no new Merc Cat is created.

When I used same structure with "function" field with value "009" I get error message "Class XXX does not exist or or is not valid on this date".

For Merchandise Catrgory Hierarchy

I used idoc CLSMAS but getting error message "Keyword missing for class XXX"

has anybody uploded entire hierarchy structure using LSMW ?