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Jan 25, 2017 at 09:30 AM

Need to park FI document for vendor


Dear Friends

I am getting a folder having a Vendor XML files like Tax file and Specification file for each invoice. My requirement is I need to park FI document for that vendor in SAP for particular month. Data can be of any month, need to sum up all lines on the base of the cost center and G/L Code given in xml file against each line item and create an entry for every month. According to my logic – I am picking all Invoices from the xml file looping with xml file with respect to invoice number and looping each invoice specification number with tax file with Tax file and then looping with specification file to check each specification number is present in xml file and adding that tax value into xml file using modify statement.

My logic :-

Loop at <invoice_data>.

Loop at <xml_file> where invoice eq <Invoice_data-invoice >

  • Loop on tax file because multiple tax are applicable on one specification.

Loop at <Tax_file> where specification eq <xml_file-specification> “check tax is present in master file of tax.

  • Loop on Specification file because multiple specification are present for each account number which is a relation with tax file and Specification file.

Loop at <Specification_file> where account_no eq <Tax_file-Account_no> “check specification is present in master file of specification

Xml_file –amount = Xml_file –amount+ (tax_file-tax_percentage/100)

Read <Xml_file> with key invoice and specification.

Modify xml_file transporting amount.





Please help.