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Oct 08, 2014 at 02:10 PM

MR11 execution for previous years: Inventory value impact


Dear experts,

This is a subject that has already been discussed in different posts but I could not find an answer.

Our Customer has several purchase orders to close from 2010 to 2012. I precise that purchase orders are based on good receipts and that the Material Ledger is activated with Moving average price valuation. (Price control is "V" in MM).

For some scenarios, when executing the MR11, system creates a Material Ledger document to update the inventory value and material price. This eventually has a direct impact on inventory value for the present year.

I understand that it is a normal system behaviour in those cases but in the accounting point of view, customer does not want to affect the inventory value in 2014 with values coming from movements/PO's from 2010.

Is there any possibility to avoid the material ledger update ? Account substitution does not seem to be an option as in does not prevent the Material Ledger document creation and price update.

Has someone experienced solution provided directly by SAP consulting for that type of problem ?

What I see is to execute MR11 and then update the Price using MR21 or equivalent LSMW for mass update: This would reflect in the PnL as a price difference.

Customer would like to clear all this history without having to analyze all the cases one by one, but it cleary seems impossible except if SAP could provide some magic wand.

Best Regards,