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Former Member
Oct 08, 2014 at 01:47 PM

SNP Daily Bucket Offset?



Hopefully a simple scenario to explain here...

We are currently using both PP/DS and SNP to manage the short term plan, SNP is being utilized to manage the network level, PP/DS is mainly being used for detailed scheduling of the resources.

The SNP Planned orders are being generated and are created to end at 23:59:59 of each day, so we will see all of the orders for Day 1, Day 2...etc at the end of the Day (which is in line with the actual calendar day (e.g Day 1 = Thursday 10th October, Day 2 = Friday the 11th.....).

The issue we have is that the business runs a 6 am to 6 am planning cycle, from a PP/DS point, this is not an issue as we can align the Production Planning table to report the 6am to 6 am cycle with the start and end times on the Resource Master, this means that anything we schedule to between 6am of Day 1 and 6am of Day 2 will be reported as Day 1 production (If I am Completing Process Orders after 6am on the 10th October and before 6am of the 11th October, it will be reported as a Production value for the 10th October).

The question is, is there a way to be able to offset the SNP daily buckets? I have had a look at the time series and storage bucket profiles but I am unable to find a solution.

Thanks in advance for your input.