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Oct 08, 2014 at 10:12 AM

Celsius Degree Symbol (° C) displayed as '#' in SDS for Thai language


Hello All,

This seems simple and well discussed issue but i would like you all to throw some help on this.


SDS report shows 20 ° C as 20 #C.

- Data is from phrases and some from class & characteristics values of the specification.

- In phrases, initial field showing correctly but the long text preview showing with #.

So, i suppose the problem is likely with language itself not with SDS template/layout. I searched/read all existing similar issues which mostly advise as install language pack in the system.

I then checked language and found thai language is not installed. But we do have other languages such as Indonesia, china, etc. These languages were also not installed in the system but there is no problem displaying ° C for the same phrase. How could it be ? Is really language pack installation is a solution ? Please help....................

Thanks in advance.