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Oct 08, 2014 at 12:13 AM

FAGL_FC_VAL, Reversal posting and (non) Open Item indicator


Hi SAP Experts,

I have a doubt regarding FAGL_FC_VAL transaction and the "Open Item Management" indicator on Master Data

Here is the question:

On FAGL_FC_VAL selection parameters you can find the "Reverse Posting" indicator

This indicator only has impact for GL account with the open item management no active.(non-open item) on its master data:

- If you set the "Reverse posting" indicator the valuation document and reversal document is post.

- If you not set the "Reverse posting" indicator the valuation document is posted (the reversal document is not posted).

While the GL accounts with open item managenment active the valuation document and reversal document is posted even if the "reverse posting" indicator is not active.

Why is the reason behind this!?

No SAP Note, SAP help, manual or wiki explain the reason behind this behaviour

The only explanation is from SAP help is: "If you set this indicator, postings created are reversed on the reversal date."
That is not helpful at all

There is no place on Sap Help or IMG that explain the impact or relationship between the Open item indicator Master data (FS00) and the Reverse Posting on FAGL_FC_VAL transaction

Where you can find these hidden rules and the purpose or reason behind this?

Thanks in advance for your help

Best Regards

Additional Info

My company code is from MX, and we are valuating to Local Currency (MXN mexican pesos).