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Oct 07, 2014 at 02:41 PM

Account Dimenstion - Account Types Some questions.



I have looked into "Account Types" via this very useful document

I just want to understand whether you would use all account types on a project if needed? I can see complexity coming out of setting the account types.

Questions below:

1) In the document there are examples explaining how the top node reacts to the values under the nodes. For example, if an AST is 100 and LEQ is 100 the total shown would be 0 in the hiearchy node. But it doesnt state the signage? I am assuming that AST would have to be postive and LEQ would be negative to provide a zero value? you wouldnt really have an AST which is negative?

2) Why does the BW sign switch with INC and LEQ?

3) What is generally used on a project would it make sense just to use AST for balance sheet items and EXP for the rest? This would mean it wouldnt be easy just by account type to select Income, Expense, ASset, LEQ.