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Former Member
Oct 07, 2014 at 12:55 PM

SAP UI5 Shell - cancel Navigation between Navigation items



I am trying to cancel the navigation when toggling between two navigation items in UI5 Shell control,

like for example there are three navigation items nav_1(default item selected),nav_2,nav_3, if I navigate to nav_2 I want some validation to happen and stop the navigation to nav_2 similar to other navigation items.

I tried using workItemSelected event to see where the navigation has taken place and I will not proceed to set the content for nav_2 this is all fine, but the problem is navigation has already taken place to nav_2 which I want to avoid.

I want some event handler which gets triggered before event "workItemSelected" so that I can stop the navigation, I could not find any...

anyone got better ideas, please suggest.