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Oct 07, 2014 at 11:17 AM

DVM - How to dig and check DVM is accruing data


We have recently been setting up DVM - it seems a potentially fantastic tool to manage a SAP landscape, however it also is a fiddly tool with a UI that needs work - especially on user feedback.

The information I'n looking to find and discuss on SCN is two-fold.

1) I find with some reports that you have to execute three times before it runs successfully. I get no errors as such, just a browser that thinks it's done loading data and a variables screen that hasn't changed. Has anyone seen similar behaviour?

2) I can find no detailed documentation on what stats & trend and other reports should work with basic activation and what requires a specific ANALYSIS to be setup. Some are clearly implied (i.e. a Savings Potential analysis is needed to use the "Potential Savings" section), but others are less than clear. SAP suggested via message to me that if you want growth/reduction stats you need at least 4 weeks of gathered data. It would be great if the tool UI advised you of this; or if there was a simple way to see how much data you've gathered so far for system XXX or technical scenario YYY. Anyone who's found good documentation in this area please share!

3) With some of the erratic behaviours I've decided I want to "see" the BW infocubes in SolMan for myself to see how they change as the extractors run. Has anyone got some good SQL or other code to interrogate them? E.g. 0SM_SIZES, 0SM_STAT, etc.

I hope if others engage here we can start a community thread that is like a kickstarter guide for DVM users.

Regards, Jamie