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Oct 06, 2014 at 09:00 PM

Error: Resource does not exist during CIF


Hi Experts,

When i am trying to CIF the PDS the system gives the error "Resource 10000394 does not exist".

following are the things i checked in the system

1. This resource exists in APO system.

2. I have checked using /sapapo/rest02 also. it is active in live cache.

3. But when i try to check with "Lengthen" program, the resource is not getting selected

4. It also exists in an active CIF. But if i make any changes then the same is not getting updated in APO.

This resource is not assigned to any transaction data except it is assigned to active version 000.

i am not able to delete the same work center too. do i have to remove from the active version before deleting the same??

Could you kindly advice what to look for ???

thanks in advance

Note: Edited, since the earlier post was having wrong informations

thanks and regards

Nagendra Kumar