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Oct 06, 2014 at 05:18 PM

How to maintain the quantity conversion factors at Condition level in the STO (Intra company).


Hi Experts,

We have a requirement to maintain the quantity conversions at Condition level for all the items in the STO as below.

In the above screen, all the conditions (YREB, YRED and YREF) have the calculation type as Quantity base.

1. First, let us take YREB. For this condition type, the amount 0.32 EUR is maintained in MEK1. Here, the ordering quantity is 1073.763 TO.

As per the business requirement 1 TO = 1370 L15 as shown the screen shot.

Then, 1073.763 TO = 1471055 L15.

So, finally the condition value is 1471055 * 0.32 = 470737 / 1000 L15 = 470.74 EUR.

These are the required calculation I have to maintain for all the conditions. The above screen shot has given by the user for my understanding about his requirement that what he is looking for exactly. He has manually maintained all the fields as he wants.

But in the normal process, when I am trying to create the STO (within the company), I am getting the quantities from the material master as below.

So, kindly let me know if there is any possibility in the standard to maintain the quantity conversions as in the first screen shot.




pastedImage_0.png (96.3 kB)
pastedImage_1.png (21.8 kB)