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Former Member
Oct 06, 2014 at 03:48 PM

ERP EIC - Contact Record


Is there a way to create a Contact record before a Service Ticket? We need to have a record of agent's interaction with an employee, even though it did not result in a service ticket.

In the original version of EIC there used to be a concept of "Interaction Record" which got created as soon as the agent "confirmed" an employee. Then if a Service Ticket was needed it would get linked to the Interaction Record. Otherwise, the Interaction Record would be saved as a record of the contact between agent and employee.

In the current version of EIC (after VP), I notice there is a concept of Contact which I suspect is the same as interaction record. However I cannot create a Contact until a Service Ticket is created.

This is not right, since some of the calls don't result in service tickets. We need to create a Contact record before the Service Ticket to record the fact that a call was answered. Does anyone know how to do that?