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Oct 06, 2014 at 11:08 AM

Heirarchy data source damaged


Hi Experts,

First of all sorry for the previous post which is not clear,

I have a charecterestic which has got many heirarchies maintained in it. heirarachy datasource which has got arround 15 to 20 heirarchies.

Now the situation is i need to copy the heirarchies from previous year to next year as per the need and assign the changes.

But i am not able to open the infopackages as there is an error whicis giving the message as below.

Infopackagetype 'H'< >Datasource -Type 'M';Change the DS or Delete IP

So i tried with cahging the type of the datasource using the below process

Now after changing the Data source type option to 'H' the error message is not being visible but the infopackages are not being opened but its showing a window that the infopackage is being used in the process chain, when i tried to continue to see the infopackage its not displaying the infopackage and showing the message in the below as "The transfer structure is inactive"

I tried activating the transfer stucture through RS_transtru_activate_all but no use.

Starangely in the Datasource the tab Segments/Fields is not showing any fields in it and i am not able to choose the option Segment.

Please help me with the issue.

Best Regards,