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Oct 06, 2014 at 09:52 AM

SD Process clarification


I have the below requirement please advise the best approach?

I have company code and plant "SUP1" in China.

And i have one more company code and plant "REP1" in Korea.

The Customer is in Korea and this customer place a order with company Korea (Korea company code is into Trading business ( buy the stock from China company code and sell it to Korea customers)

and Korea company receive the goods from China plant to Korea plant first then from Korea plant again the goods delivered to Korea customer.

Please note if the goods directly can be moved to customer in Korea from the delivering company code ( China) i could have mapped this through Std Inter company billing process.

But here first goods are coming to Korea plant first then again from Korea plant, goods moving to customer This is the Client requirement exactly don't know the reason.

So in this process how best we can map in SAP ?