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Oct 06, 2014 at 08:45 AM

To Identity store doesn't work!!!


Hi Experts,

We have recently patched our Dev environment to 7.2 SP 9 Patch 5. Our dispatcher is in version MxDispatcher v7.2.9.4

Since then, our jobs are always in running state but doesn't modify any data in our IDS. The dispatcher executed all the passes in the job but when it comes to execute "To Identity Store", it doesn't perform any action and remains in that state for days (I started the job on Friday evening, it was in same status till today morning but no user modified). Further to test the issue, I created a job with "to generic" pass to execute a script that calls uIS_SetValue to update attributes for only one user and it behaved in the same way. The job was in running status and doesn't do anything.

In execution log, the last entry was like "Execution of pass started:". no other logs anywhere and no user modified.

I created a job with different types of passes and tested. The dispatcher executed all the passes. Is it a known issue? please advise. Yet to create an Incident to SAP. The same jobs were running fine before patching.

Anything else to test to conclude anything or any screenshots needed, please let me know. Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,