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Oct 06, 2014 at 08:41 AM

selection screen issue



in alv report while giving t-code the default values are shown,

dmrdate 02.10.2014 to 06.10.2014

noof days 0 to 5

based on no of days dmrr date is calculated 0 means current date and 5 means current date - 5 days.

so while giving t-code it automatically takes the value,but now the user erase the dmrr date and give number of days as sometnkng

let us assume 0 to 1 means. 05.10.2014 to 06.10.2014.

so while giving no of days as 0 to 1 and press enter means it takes 05.10.2014 to 06.10.2014. in dmrr date.

but i don want to show this date,the field should be empty,but the value run in background processing(select query must contains dmrr date)

and my code is....any one help how to clear dmrr date value in selection screen.

at selection screen.

if so_dmdat[] is initial and so_noday-high is not initial.

so_dmdat-low = sy-datum - so_noday-high. .

so_dmdat-high = sy-datum .

so_dmdat-option = 'BT'.

so_dmdat-sign = 'I'.

APPEND so_dmdat.

if i give at selection screen output means so_dmdat value is cleared...