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Oct 06, 2014 at 03:27 AM

0cust_sales DTP load issue


Hello Friends,

Env BW 7.3

I am having issues with the load to the 0cust_sales attributes in few systems.

In development system, where the data records are around 1 million, the full dtp load takes 6 minutes ( the info package taken 1 min)

There is no customization in the transfer rules and the no routines in the DTP.

However the same DTP in 2 other systems takes 7 hours to load. Sometimes it just gets hanged out. The info package load takes as in dev 1 minute.

The system resources though not exactly the same are not alarmingly different. I tried changing the load to delta with no change. psa just has one request.

I have checked 0division, 0distribution channel and 0salesorg have master data activated.

I have checked the forums but could not find any proper answer.

Your comments are appreciated.