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Oct 05, 2014 at 07:02 PM

problem in MR11 transaction..!!


Hi gurus need your(s) help,

While running the normal cycle PO->GR->Invoice , users first posted the Goods/service items in the MIRO for the PO & they manually keyed delivery costs secondarily (since there's a another problem behind this i.e, when using RA00 condition type in the PO, after doing GR any changes happens on the PO as an instance on Header Text , PO value totally getting changed automatically and impact is delivery costs not picked on the MIRO. So delivery costs keyed manually on the invoice) .

There's is no qty difference for that GR / IR and payment is also done for the vendor. In this case on the MR11 transaction system is showing the delivery costs as a outstanding amount for all the 10 line items , since there's no difference on the freight costs(delivery costs) cant understand why system is showing freight value still to be cleared in the GR/IR adjustment (MR11)???

Added with this, i have simulated similar case on the QA system with same values in a same sequence ( PO->GR->MIRO(GR value first & later delivery costs) but i couldn't find any value difference showing in MR11 with delivery surplus. Only in PRD system we are facing this.

Could anyone please help me

1. where is the mistake might be?

2,Also want to know what actions need to be taken on this further ?

3. And if MR11 is cleared what will be the impact on accounting side?

awaiting for valuable inputs

Thanks in advance,