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Oct 04, 2014 at 04:56 PM

Condition records for batch determination


Hi Team ,

Request to help me out for the below points with regard to batch determination .

1. At the condition records maintenance we have options for several key combinations like Plant , Plant/Material , movement type/plant /material etc... If we have more than one key combination maintained which will take the priority at batch determination check ? do we have option some where to define this priority ?

2. If we maintain multiple strategies for example strategy ME01 and ME02 , how the usage priority works between them ?

3. At below t codes we maintain the condition records

For Inventory management - MBC1 – Create, MBC2 – Change, MBC3 – Display

For production Order /Process order - COB1 – Create, COB2 – Change, COB3 – Display

For Sales and Distribution - VCH1 – Create, VCH2 – Change, VCH3 - Display

For Warehouse Management - LS51 – Create, LS52 – Change, LS53 – Display

what is the difference in maintaining the condition records at Inventory management for a plan/materials for example to at Production order for a raw material point of view ?

For example if at a Plant M1 is a raw material which goes as component at Finished good F1 manufactured through process order type P1. Then if we maintain the condition records at MBC1 for the raw material , then at process order P1 , batch determination for M1 happens based on the condition records at MBC1 .

What condition records we maintain at COB1 in this context ? Is this for process order header material batch determination ? if so where it is used as for delivery again we maintain the condition records at VCH1

Could you please help me in getting clarified on these ?

Thanks ,