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Oct 04, 2014 at 09:18 AM

Process Order Availability Check Setting


Dear Team

I have scenario that the material BO* is the part of IO* BOM.

Now I am creating & releasing the process order of BO* but no confirmation, No GI, No GR. Only Release & Save. Here i will get one Batch Number for BO*..

Now I am creating the process order for IO* & doing availability check but error of stock not available. I am expecting the stock come from process order of BO* will get assign to IO* before confirmation of process order of BO*. Will it possible to do in SAP?..

Setting Available-

We have Batch Search Strategy in place

We have Batch determination

We have logic of same batch number carry forward from BO* to FG...

Eg... BO* Batch is 870AB001 then IO* batch is also 870AB001 base on available stock assignment.

Tried at my end..

Change is made in availability check setting & Inc. Production order ="X" (Take all production order into account).

But no benefit.. Still system shows missing material stock error in IO* process order.

Please guide, how I can achieve it?.