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Oct 03, 2014 at 12:43 PM

Time Dependent Text in Webi Prompt


Hi All,

I have a Webi report on a BEx query using BICS (No Universe)

One of the BEx variable is on 0PROFIT_CTR and it has time dependent text.

When the query is executed in BW side (in RSRT), the query by default uses current date (0DAT) as the Key Date.

So only the latest text of Profit Centers are displayed in the variable screen.

Now, when the Webi report is refreshed, Profit Center prompt (not Webi defined, but the BEx variable), shows all texts (both old and the current date ones) in the LOV window. It seem the Key Date is not being used and texts of Profit Center is not restricted to current date.

Any idea how to make the prompt show only the current text?