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Former Member
Oct 03, 2014 at 10:01 AM

Smartform table display by nested loop


Hi All,

I am facing a problem on creating smartform for Purchas Order. In that I want display two tables namely ITEM table , DELIVERY SHEDULE table.

for each line item in ITEM table may contain many line item in DELIVERY SHEDULE table. for ex. for line item 10 in ITEM table has ten entries in DELIVERY SHEDULE table.

Now , i want to display first line item on ITEM TABLE and respective entries on DELIVERY SHEDULE table in first page, then second line item on item table and its res. entries in DELIVERY SHEDULE table in 2nd page and so on..

I created the smartform. in Main window I craeted a loop. inside the loop i created ITEM table. I created 2nd loop inside the first loop with DELIVERY SHEDULE table. while I executing i am getting 182 pages. item table all enties coming on first page. but delivery table displayed repeatedly in all pages..

Does anyone know what is the problem?