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Oct 03, 2014 at 09:01 AM

SAP Cloud SDK : Copy PhoneCall Activity Notes fields into Custom Notes fields


Hi Experts,

Scenario : I have requirement to copy some fields ( Activity ID , Subject , Notes etc) from standard activity ( Phone Call , Appointment , Task etc) into my custom business object node level data .

Issue : How to Copy Notes field from standard activity into my custom activity Notes fields my custom business object sample definition

businessobject BOCustomActivity {

[Label("Description")] element Descr : LANGUAGEINDEPENDENT_LONG_Text;

[Label("Start Date")] element StartDate : Date;

[Label("End Date")] element EndDate : Date;

node Cust_Act_send [0,n] {

[Label("Activity ID")] element ActID : BusinessTransactionDocumentID;

[Label("Activity Subject")] element ActName : EXTENDED_Name;

[Label("Activity Type")] element ActType : LANGUAGEINDEPENDENT_MEDIUM_Text;

[DependentObject(TextCollection)] node myNode;


action UpdateData;


In the above business object under the node level i can assign the Activity ID, Activity Subject , Activity Type from standard activity using Query and update the node level records,

But I want to assign Notes ( TextCollection Text ) from standard activity notes fields.

In the below screen we have 2 records from standard phone call activity.

I am using the below code to get the record from standard phone call activity.

import ABSL;

import AP.FO.Activity.Global;

var noderef : elementsof BOCustomActivity.Cust_Act_send;

var nodeins;

var query = PhoneCallActivity.QueryByElements;

var resultData = query.Execute();

// 2. Selection

var selectionParams = query.CreateSelectionParams();

selectionParams.Add(query.ID.content, "I", "BT", "2551", "2555");

// Result

resultData = query.Execute(selectionParams);

foreach ( var record in resultData)


noderef.ActID = record.ID;

noderef.ActName.content = record.Name.content;

noderef.ActType = record.TypeCode.GetDescription();

(?) = record.TextCollection.Text.TextContent.GetFirst().Text.content

nodeins = this.Attachment.Create(noderef);


in the above code the Activity ID , Activity Name , Activity Type but how to copy the Notes ( TextCollection Text ) into the node element myNode (TextCollection) and assign and update on node level element .

I have check the post :

But did not solve the issue.

Please anyone have idea about the above requirement.

IF anyone want more explanation kindly let me know.

Many Thanks,



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