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Oct 03, 2014 at 08:47 AM

SOAP Axis Receiver


Hi there experts,

I've got an interface that sends to an external webservice some infor regarding daily currency changes. The webservice is getting the right info, but I've got an issue with the response.

The webservice replies an XML message formed by a slightly different XML structure. The payload is arriving splitted in two parts, one named document-0 (which I assume is somehow the header) and the other one named document-1 (which is the payload I actually need to map and send to the abap proxy).

Is there any way or any adapter configuration that allows me to either ignore the first payload half or indicate which of the payloads (document-0 or document-1) is the right one that should be considered for the data processing??

Please find attached the payload, at the sxmb_MONI I've got no error, since it's mapping as a response the first payload.

Does anyone have any hint?

Thanks a lot in advance!!




Moni2.PNG (136.7 kB)