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Oct 03, 2014 at 12:18 AM

Building combination table for multi series line chart..



The requirement is to build Multi series line chart with Drill down.....overall all countries in region (7 countries)...countries to States...States to Towns.

I am trying to build dashboard, my objects (example) are date, country, state, town, Sales. Dates (14 days), Country(7 countries), States (36 states) Towns (more than 100).

When I build query component its gives me out put in Columns. But the report needs to be combination of rows and columns..

Town1 Town2 Town3

Date Country State X X X

I tried to build query and bring all the data into excel and building cross tab its huge database and report may not execute the dashbaord as its beyond 512 rows....14*7*36 3528 rows.

could any one help me on this..