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Oct 02, 2014 at 06:33 PM

SAPTOOLS tablespace and how to create the saptools tables


i recently performed a redirected production to stage refresh - in the newly build staging environment I noticed that tablespace saptools was over 15gb in size. In my opinion a bit high. Reducing or lowering HWM is not appiclable because this is a pre 9.7 system.

I opted to drop all tables and the tablespace and recreated the tablespace manually (automatic storage).

My question is now: how do the tables get recreated? I've attempted this in solution manager and via the web gui in the stage system. clicked on DCF - but no luck.

I've weeded through some sap notes without any luck.

Next step is to use db2look and create them manually, but I beleive there is an automatic way. I just haven't found it.

Please help.