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Oct 02, 2014 at 04:13 PM

Pull sub report data based on a condition!!


Can. anyone help with an issue i have regarding pulling data from a subreport based on a condition.

I have main sub report on sales and have a parameter to look at proposed close date The main report pulls out information based on doc totals etc for this particular period.

Based on the criteria of this parameter i want to return a value from the sub report which hold sales targets for a particular sales employee (sales employee is also a parameter)


Main report - Date param entered 1/1/14 to 31/1/14 this equates to month 1 in the sub report and i want to pull the Sales target for month 1 only. If the date param is 1/2/14 to 30/2/214 then this returns the target value for month 2

The sub report is structured with no dates just as follows:

Month Target Value Sales emp

1 10000 A

2 15000 A

1 20000 B

2 25000 B

Whats the most logical way for this to be done????