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Oct 02, 2014 at 06:04 AM

Pricing Requirement


Hi All,

We currently have pricing based on Product Hierarchy Values. For Eg: A discount of 1000 USD can be given when a minimum of 100000 USD is bought for any product belonging to a PH Value of say ABCD1234. If a customer buys product A,B,C all put together for a minimum of 100000 USD or more, the 1000 USD gets applied.

This is done by creating a condition record for the Sales Org/PH Value.

However, now we have a new requirement where the business wants to give a Discount of 1000 USD when a customer buys any products belonging to PH Values ABCD1234 and DEFG1234. The customer can choose of buy products of ABCD1234 for 30000 USD and DEFG1234 for 70000 USD and the discount of 1000 VND should get applied.

In this case, our condition table is Sales Org/PH Value and not sure how to accomplish this as we will end up with two separate condition records - One for PH Value ABCD1234 and another for DEFG1234. If so, the minimum buy value of 100000 USD will be applicable for each PH Value individually and not for the combination.

I looked into group conditions option but even if we assign the Group Condition Routine 1, the system will only club the Base Values but the Discount will still be applied for each condition record and 2000 USD gets applied instead of 1000 USD and also include the products belonging to other PH Values as they can also have the same condition type but with different buy value and discount. The problem is compounded with the requirement that the two condition records can be from two different condition types. I can still use Group Condition Routine 2 for the different condition types but the problem remains the same.

Please note that the Material Master can not be edited by the business as these discounts are periodic in nature and the materials belonging to different PH Values can not be grouped together with some common field.

Any help would be appreciated.


Vidya Sagar