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Oct 02, 2014 at 02:23 AM

SAP Change Release Management – Continuous Delivery



I am interested in anyone whose organisation has move to a "Continuous Delivery of SAP Releases" and moved away from just relying on the traditional large "big bang" projects, instead e.g. moving to a continuous monthly Business release....running SAP like a factory. I interested in their experiences the tools they have used to manage change e.g, SAP's CHARM, possibly Solman's Retrofit functionality others?

There will be four main channels for change....

Standard change - which are minor changes related to day to day running of the system e.g. changes work schedules, or minor auth changes/assignments. They won't go through a full change control process, but need to strictly adhere to what is a "standard change".

Emergency Change - BAU needs an urgent fix, it can't wait.

Release - Continuous releases will run every 4-6 week intervals with over lapping steps....majority being functional but likely every now and again technical releases to keep the system up to latest patch level etc..the idea is to have a continuous rollout of improvements, on-going cycle, as one phase for one cycle completes, the next phase for next cycle will begin ... This will run in the BAU landscape, therefore need to run as a factory. It will be important to package the releases so all the packages (Finance, Logistics and HR etc) will complete in the agreed time.

Major Release/upgrade ....this will run in a parallel landscape and will cutover to BAU landscape at schedule times.

Please give me feedback, lessons learnt if you have done this....issues you see in taking this approach.... the idea is provide quicker turn around to the business and quicker gain for on-going business improvements. By implementing continuous rollout of smaller package releases on a monthly basis in BAU, with larger projects happening in a parallel landscape.

Many thanks in advance