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Oct 01, 2014 at 02:27 PM

Integration to external Service desk using wsdl fails



We are trying to establish connection between Solman Service desk and external Service desk tool.

We have followed the steps in this blog -

However while trying to configure Service consumer we are unable to create the logical port.

The external service desk has provided a URL and a wsdl file.

Problem is that both are failing with error - "Error during WSDL parsing - error received from library handler"

We tried to analyze the WSDL file using SOAManager -> Tools -> WSDL Analyzer

It fails with "Unknown reference type" error.

However, the WSDL file itself is fine, it is of style-document and we have a doubt that problem is because SIDL library is being called to parse this file.

I did check the Note 1801866 and set the value NO_RPC_STYLE to X in SPROXSET.

But the problem is that we need to use this WSDL file from the standard method for Logical port creation and not to create a custom proxy as described in the Note.

Any help in this area will help us a lot to proceed further. Thanks.