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Oct 01, 2014 at 09:29 AM

EDM configuration of usage factor


Hi experts,

As per a requirement received, we need to use synthetic profiles to transform a normal consumption (introduced in EL28 tx code) into a profiled consumption to be used in RTP interface. After reviewing the SAP information regarding synthetic profiles, I have some queries regarding how to trigger this usage factor / synthetic profile:

1) Amounts must be calculated using a RTP interface assigned at installation level with a LIMIT02 formula.

If I want to bill using a synthetic profile, how many profiles do I need to assign at installation level?

2) At rate steps, to bill the RTP interface, we use the following steps:

- QUANTI14 to calculate a non relevant for accounting amount as per the RTP interface.

- QUANTI06 to calculate the average price.

- Some intermediate steps to update the average price as per some facts.

- QUANTI01 to calculate the relevant for accounting amount using the consumption from RTP interface and final price.

If I want that the consumption to be used for billing is the total profiles total consumption using a synthetic profile, I have seen that I have to use the variant QUANTI24, but I dont see how to link this variant with the current rate steps. I have added it before QUANTI14 but usage factor does not seem to be used during the billing simulation tests done. This problem is related with the same question.

3) I have done some tests using the synthetic profile assigned at load profile at installation, but billing seems to ignore the usage factor even if I have assigned a usage factor value. Could it be that some configuration points need to be activated in order to trigger the synthetic profile usage factor? (We have not configured any source - target role relationhip)

Thanks in advance for your help.