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Oct 01, 2014 at 08:10 AM

Not to display 0.00 value isAdobe form instead it shoud be blank.


Dear Experts,

I am developing print form using Adobe.

my form is working perfectly as per the requiement excet one issue. In my print form I dont want to display the 0.00 value instead it shuld be display as plak. If any values is that in the cell then only it should display the value.

I saw few threads in SDN before posting this question.

Some one suggested that we need to change the filed to text fiel and write java.script to get this.

I followd tha same but did not get the requried result.

I want my output to look like.

Thanks and Regards

Anees Ahmed Jawad


01.10.2014.JPG (19.6 kB)
01.10.2014_1.JPG (12.7 kB)