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Oct 01, 2014 at 02:08 AM

GTS Legal Control for COO


Good afternoon,

I'm pretty new to GTS and need some guidance from the real experts out there...

My customer has a requirement to block sales documents based on the country of manufacture. The current thinking is to map this to the COO field on the batch in ECC.

The underlying reason for this is to stop FG's made in Mexico, stored in non-MX warehouses that containing US components greater than 10% within their assembly being shipped to sanctioned countries e.g. Iran, Sudan. The customer is happy to figure out what should and should not be blocked outside of the system, so no need at this stage to work that into a solution (phew).

I believe a solution for this could be to implement the BADI check within legal control "license_types_get" and determine a custom license type based on COO from the customs document line item during delivery creation. This would allow me to set a specific check for COO = MX and list allowed products in a license master record I believe.

I can see two problems with my solution 1) coping with batch split for an item at delivery 2) I want to keep the solution simple and vanilla SAP if possible.

Does anyone know a neat standard way to do this?

Cheers Andy