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Sep 30, 2014 at 04:16 AM

Full load doesn't extract all records.



Let me summarize my scenario.

I am working on COPA planning solution and we have a

Budget input report - where users input data

Budget retraction cube - where input data is stored

Budget status cube - shows plan data value after COPA retraction

After planning, we load data to budget retraction cube. Then I go to R/3 and use KELR TCODE to retract the data to COPA table. This creates a new delta record then I load a delta chain to update first level DSO and then to the Budget status cube. so I am expected to see same values in all places.

Budget Input report, Budget retraction cube, COPA table and Budget status cube report.

So far for some materials, the budget status report is showing incorrect values and also incorrect in first level DSO.

I have tried to do selective deletion and reload full load but some document numbers are not coming through. The loading to the DSO is 1:1 mapping so I am trying to figure out why can't I extract full records from COPA table.

any idea how this can be resolved and what could be the reason.

- Bhat