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Sep 29, 2014 at 06:36 PM

InfoSource having two sources with different fields, writing into DSO


Dear experts,

I just came across a problem which seems to be quite general since it is a typical scenario in LSA concept and I don´t have a good answer. Maybe you have...

The problem is following:

I have following design with two Sources, one InfoSource and an InfoProvider on top. This InfoProvider is a Standard DSO.

The DataSources on the left (L) and the one on the right (R) deliver different fields (but same key) and should all be written into the same DSO updating different fields.

The bottom transformations going into the InfoSource have only update rules for the fields populated.

But the top Transformation has all fields (since it is the combination out of the two Sources) as update to the DSO.

Now what happens is, that depending on which DTP is loaded second, it overwrites the already existing fields not being delivered with blank. Why? Because the InfoSource cannot transport the information which fields to update. This seems quite obvious.

But what´s to do here? Do I need to read forward to the DSO selecting the already existing, missing fields?

Or can I create two InfoSources? If this is the suggested way how to do it, how does this work with a SPO-DSO on top?
As I learned, they all automatically include a Inbound Infosource which has the structure of the DSO and a 1:1 Transformation going forward to the DSOs:

This would be the same scenario as described above... without the possibility to create different InfoSources here.

So what´s the suggestion here? Do the Sources always have to deliver all fields to use SPOs?

Thanks in advance,



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