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Sep 29, 2014 at 10:13 AM

Proxy alerting with CMBA on AEX 7.31


cmba = component-based message alerting

Hi All,

like explained on

and with the help of the following blogs

i tried to configure alerting of a abap proxy system which is part of the pi domain (runtime component).

For any reason the alerting doesn't work (only for proxy systems).

Some facts:

- We are running AEX 7.31 on SPS12 and our ABAP Proxy is a SAP Release 7.31 SPS07.

- For the proxy system, we want to use the (older) alerting mechanisms "Alert Framework-based system". So the ALERT EVENTS should come from the proxy using the alert rules of the AEX.

sap note 1584248:
The existence of the destination CENTRALMONITORINGSERVER-XIALERTS now suppresses the call of the central monitoring server and the alert calls occur as of now via the manually-created destination on the AAE

- IE configuration on proxy:

ALERTING_IS_ACTIVE = 1 (1 - Alerting is activated on this PI component (default setting)
ALERTING_TARGET = 0 (0 - Alert event is sent to the central alert server (default setting)

- configurations

1. Alert rule on pi -> done
2. alert consumer for e-mail notifications/ AlertConsumerJob on pi -> done & works (Alerting ONLY on the Central Adapter Engine (AEX java only) using CMBA works successfully.)
3. RFC on proxy side: CENTRALMONITORINGSERVER-XIALERTS -> done & test works
4. RFC connection on pi. Points to proxy: "XI_IDOC_DEFAULT_DESTINATION" -> done
5. JCO resource adapter + JCA connection Factory on pi -> done

- tests on proxy


UTC Stamp Counter Local Date Local Time MsgGuid

20140929084707,0530220 0 29.09.2014 10:47:07 0200040000051ED491F6A62AF98443C5
*Calling Monitoring Server starting new task
20140929084707,0571360 0 29.09.2014 10:47:07 0200040000051ED491F6A62AF98443C5
* > with destination IN GROUP DEFAULT
20140929084707,0639530 0 29.09.2014 10:47:07 0200040000051ED491F6A62AF98443C5
*AlertRecords successfully delivered*
20140929084707,0660230 0 29.09.2014 10:47:07 0200040000051ED491F6A62AF98443C5
20140929084709,7510100 0 29.09.2014 10:47:09 0200040000051ED491F6A62AF98443C5
*Successfully returned from TCP/IP call to SXMS_ALERT_ERROR_RECEIVE

* Alert sent successfuly via SXMS_ALERT_ERROR_SEND. MsgId: 0200040000051ED491F6A62AF98443C5

-> No Errors were displayed with program SXMSALERT_LOGREADER.


1. Alerting ONLY on the Central Adapter Engine (AEX java only) using CMBA works successfully
2. Program "SXMSALERT_ALERT_TEST" sends successfully (no errors) alert events from the proxy with TCP/IP destination CENTRALMONITORINGSERVER-XIALERTS, but no alert is generated on the alert engine.

Where could be the error? How can i analyze this issue? Maybe with with the help of this picture?

Are the "External test Alert Events" really arrived on the "Alert Engine"? How can i check this?

Do you have other ideas?

Thanks in advance,