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Sep 29, 2014 at 03:52 AM

Standard text not replaced properly after TEXT_SYMBOL_REPLACE


Hi SAP Experts,

Good day!

I have a requirement that reads standard text via FM READ_TEXT, that specific standrard text contains variables to be replaced. I used function module TEXT_SYMBOL_REPLACE to the variables inside the standard text.

The problem that I encountered is that after text_symbol_replace, the value returned after replacement is only space or blank.

Here is the standard text entries:

In the program the strucutre ZGSSYMBSUB is populated.

This is what the standard text looks like after text symbol replace.

Can you please advice on what should I do so that there would be a value for each information.



text symbol.PNG (5.5 kB)
values.PNG (13.5 kB)
empty.PNG (2.3 kB)