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Best Practice to delete existing storage type in SAP WM

Hello Experts

WM system is already implemented. and already have stocks inside , WM documents (TO, TR) exists.

Storage sections, storage bins  || and Storage type search , storage section search and storage bin search || is configured for 8 existing storage type.

Now we are going for  "Mapping of  Re-Structured Warehouse complex", while existing warehouse structure is destroyed.

So, we need to delete 8 existing storage types   AND   need to define 3 new storage types , sections, bins. and storage type search, storage section search and storage bin type search. and defining new bins.

I am thinking in this way,

1) Create new 3 storage type, define section, define storage type search, storage section search, storage bin type search

2) Move the configuration into production server

3) Create new storage bins in production server

4) Move stock into new storage bin

then after Go-Live for new warehouse structure

5) Delete the storage bins in existing 8 storage type in production server.

6) Create new Transport request in Development server, &  put following configuration  

7) Delete  the Storage bin search, storage section search and storage type search configuration for existing 8 storage types

8) delete the storage section of existing 8 storage type . and after Delete the 8 existing storage types.

9) Move the transport request into production server.

Please share you thoughts. \  Best practice to do it.

Thanks in Advance.


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5 Answers

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    Sep 28, 2014 at 08:25 PM

    Looks like you forgot your existing data.

    It was never good practice to delete customizing while it was in use.

    You should plan to archive the old transfer requirements, Transfer orders, posting change notices, inventory documents before you start removing storage types.

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    Sep 29, 2014 at 05:18 AM

    Any other Idea.

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    • 1) Change the storage type & section description like "Not In Use" or NIU  = OK

      Changing the description only, This will be valid for future transaction and not for the existing data.Think a scenario where in the existing table it is already stored with the old description and your report reads the data from existing then changing the description of no use. so in my opinion you need to go ahead with the existing detail without any modification

      2) Should we Delete the storage bins in  these storage types    OR   "Mark Putaway Block" for these bins and do not delete the bins =  ?? Your thoughts .

      Mark the storage bin for stock removal block and stock putaway block (I hope after your restructure this bin physically doesn't exist in the warehouse (available only in system with old storage type) and there are no stock related movement)

      Also as per warehouse best practice you are supposed  to have a unique bin number in the warehouse (same bin number should not get repeated for multiple storage type) so make sure you follow that while creating the new bin

      3) To avoid, User will see these  "Not In use" storage types. in different reports. like Lx02, Lx03

      we can maintain  PERSONAL LIST , So that user will see only active \ running storage types.  == Any other thoughts ?????

      if just reporting then yes you are right you can maintain the personal list set that as a default and remove the storage type from the selection parameter

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    Sep 29, 2014 at 06:39 AM

    Hi Adnan,

    Do not delete the existing configuration/data. Instead create a new Warehouse and carry out the configuration for the same- Do a cut-over to close items in the old warehouse and move stock from old to new.


    Shashi Thakur

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    Sep 29, 2014 at 07:54 AM

    Hello Experts

    Thanks to  Jurgen L, Shashi Thakur and Manish Kumar for valuable opinion.

    So we have two options,

    1) By Jurgen L and Manish Kumar >>> Create new storage types customizing under same WM number  &   Do not remove existing storage types & related configuration.  

    2) By Shashi Thakur >>>  create new WM number and do new customizing ,  & Do not remove existing storage type & related configuration.

    Please give your thoughts on above options. or any other feedback.

    Thanks & Regards


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    • See you have now plenty options to choose from, it is finally your decision which way you want go. We do not know what has caused the decision to restructure the warehouse.

      Maybe you have a big mess and you will not be able to archive all documents, in that case it is probably better to start all over again with a new warehouse.

      However, nothing is forever and restructuring is almost a  normal business process, and it can certainly be done in an existing warehouse.

      You have the transaction LS12 to block storage types and LS06 to block storage bins.

      So it is not possible to use the old structure.

      If people need to use F4 help for bins and types, or cannot differentiate old and new structures,  honestly then there is something wrong, then the SAP structure does not fit to the physical structure. Or you missed to train them.

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    Sep 29, 2014 at 09:39 AM

    Hello Experts

    Just checking feasibility for defining "New Warehouse number". As we know  in SAP WM we can not assign more than one warehouses  to  Plant+Location combination. 

    and here limitation is, we can not create new storage location due to global setups & things.

    So I Decided

    To define new storage types under same wm number.

    will block existing storage types & bins.  will change he storage type search  & and section search.

    for F4 help for types, user will maintain Personal List for one time.

    thanks & regards


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    • Are you still expecting some input as i can see that you have already got the required information from SCN members based on which you can define & design the solution.