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Sep 27, 2014 at 07:34 AM

List of completed POs with compare all line items



I need a report where I can see the all completed POs. I can see this from ME2N/ME2M/ME2L.... report. But it is considering the line items. I need to fetch these POs which has completed GR for all line items.

As an example,

I have a PO with 3 line items with qty 10, 10, 10. GR has completed for first 2 line items as 10, 10. But GR has done only 5 qty for 3rd line item.

Then I'll not consider this as complete PO as GR has not done completely for line item 3.

I've checked the selection parameter for report ME2N/ME2M/ME2L....., but it is considering the line item.

I've set the selection parameter as below :

With that, I am getting the line item 1 and 2 as completed PO. But I don't want to show that PO also because GR has not done completely for line item 3.

In short, I want just those POs whose are having "Fully Delivered" status in Header - Status tab (without comparing by line item).


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