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Jan 25, 2017 at 06:15 AM

Planning file entry not getting updated after MRP run with Planning mode 3


Hi SAP Gurus,

We are having an issue where MRP is not generating Purchase requisition in opening period. We are using creation Indicator 2 i.e., Purchase requisition in opening period.

PR are not getting generated while running MD01 whereas PR are generated while running MD02 (in Opening period). The materials are active for MRP and available in Planning file.

On analysis we could see there is no Planning file entry happening after MRP run.

For ex., After a Sales order is created, MRP generates a Planned order during MRP run and the Planning file entry gets removed. Now when we run MRP again there is no change happening as there is no planning file entry.

We use Planning Mode -3 (Delete and recreate Planning data) for MRP run.

We had run MDAB and MDRE to check for inconsistency, but even after that Planning file entry is not happening.

We define MRP parameters using MRP group. The MRP type is "PD" and Procurement type is "F".

I searched various SCN threads but not able to find a solution.

Can you please help on this issue.

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,