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Sep 25, 2014 at 12:33 PM

LOAD_NO_ROLL on Kernel 7.41 - Roll Area gone?


Has anyone encountered problems with the latest 7.41 Kernel? Since we upgraded our ERP system to use this kernel we are now getting frequent LOAD_NO_ROLL error. The nature of the shortdump is as follows


Error analysis

This is probably due to a very large dataset, for which there are

insufficient resources in your installation.

When loading a program, 196608 bytes of storage space was

needed, but this was not available.

Last error logged in SAP kernel

Component............ EM

Location.......... SAP-Server server_SID_01 on host server (wp 15)

Version.............. 37

Error code............ 7

Error text............ Warning: EM-Memory exhausted: Workprocess

gets PRIV


System call..........

Module.............. /bas/741_REL/src/krn/em/emxx.c

Line................ 2369

The error reported by the operating system is: Error number.....

Error text....... " "


And there are so many of these in a span of a few minutes while I suspect the EM is exhausted.

As you can see the transaction resulted to a short-dump as there is no more Extended Memory available for even to load the program (even for a very small <200KB) to memory.

With the new Memory Management of 7.41, SAP had removed the Roll Area (so ztta/roll_first and ztta/roll_area are no longer there)

What this means is every transaction now will go straight into the Extended Memory (even just loading the program to memory for the engine to execute the transaction). In the past from my understanding there is always guaranteed space for the program to load as ztta/roll_first of 1MB (even how small it is) is available; then when the program executes of course when transaction context cannot fit into that area then it starts using the roll memory, then Extended Memory, and finally the Heap Area. With 7.41 it is really just straight to EM then Heap.

The problem I am having is when the EM is exhausted, new transactions result to the above shortdump.

The easy fix might be to increase the Extended Memory (em/initial_size_MB) but may not be the cheapest option as EM is dependent on the size of RAM (i.e. we need to increase RAM to get a bigger EM)

The other option is to maybe reduce the amount of EM that each user session is able to allocate (i.e. reduce the size of ztta/roll_extension), which means there will be more EM (from EM total) available for the other users to use. If we do so, how much ztta/roll_extension is good if my em/initial_size_MB is 10GB? (not minding the effect of individual sessions going to Heap faster)