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Sep 25, 2014 at 10:49 AM

Getting the "Cannot get the data provider outline" Error due to "insufficient privilege: Not authorized"


Dear SAP HANA Dev Community,

I created a trial user on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform in order to test the Analytic View functionality.

Unfortunately, I am always getting the "Cannot get the data provider outline" error when I try to make a Data Preview of the Analytic View:

1. ---->> 2.

I checked the Error logs and it seems that the error is caused by insufficient rights for my trial user. Each time SAP HANA tries to make a SQL SELECT on the "_SYS_BI.BIMC_ALL_CUBES" an error is caused.

In order to check, I entered the statement in an SQL console and received the following error:

I wanted to ask, if anyone could please help me with this problem and show me how I can acquire the necessary privileges on my trial account.

*) I already tried the "GRANT SELECT ON SCHEMA "<schema name>" TO _SYS_REPO WITH GRANT OPTION" statement but it unfortunately didn't

change anything.

*) I also tried to grant the "Analytic Privileges" by myself, but also here I get the insufficient rights error:



I would really appreciate any help at all! :-)

Kind Regards,



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