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Sep 25, 2014 at 10:12 AM

PI Communication Channel Advanced actions


Hello All,

I am currently trying to develop a new interface and would need your suggestions in fulfilling a customer's requirement.

Request you to run through the below requirements and provide your suggestions.

Scenario: File to File (ZIp Files)

Size of each input file: Subject to receipient sometimes the zip file size is around 300 MB

We see that PI channels are getting stuck when trying to process humongous files.

Currently we are trying the following options.

1) Create a new Channel which polls for these files. When any such files are found, it unzips, create smaller zip files for further processing.

This solution is straight forward, however this solution seems pathetic. It just works.

The other option being.

2) Create an adapter module, so the file could be picked by sender channel, Unzip the same in Adapter module and create small files in the adapter module and make the same channel reeprocess the small files. (Assuming The naming standard for the tokenized zip files will be different)

The second option seems great, however i am not sure how to make the same channel process two types of files in two different ways based on the name of the input file.

I tried using the UnzipPayLoadBean however this doesn't bead into our requirements very well.

Experts, Please suggest.